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The OKAGE website supports the mission of the Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education. Site content and terms of use of the site are the responsibility of OKAGE staff and may change without notice.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

By using the Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education (hereafter referred to as “OKAGE”) website, users agree to the terms of use listed below. These terms may be modified periodically without notice. Use of the site, including downloading of content, thereafter, signifies user acceptance of the modified terms.

Links to Third Party Sites

The OKAGE website contains links to Third Party Sites to support its mission. OKAGE is not responsible for and does not control the content of linked Third Party Sites. Checking the terms of use and any privacy statement of a Third Party Site is recommended.


Any personal information collected from users on the OKAGE website is solely for OKAGE use and will not be shared with organizations outside of OKAGE except in those circumstances when third parties have been engaged to support OKAGE to deliver a stated service. An example of a third party might be a service provider that processes electronic donations made by users via the OKAGE website. 

Restrictions on Use of Logo and Protected Materials

The OKAGE name and any associated logos, trademarks, service marks, and trade names are the property of OKAGE. The OKAGE logo and any related trademarks are not to be used by third parties without prior written consent from OKAGE, except when included in downloaded content from the OKAGE website. To seek permission, contact OKAGE via the Contact Us form or at 405.325.5832.

Content Use


For the purposes of these terms, “Educators” consists of librarians, teachers, support staff, administrators and other staff of educational institutions, and adults supporting student learning.

Educational Use of Content

All materials available for download on the OKAGE website are provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind. The materials are intended to be used by Educators and may be reproduced for the classroom and presentations only when proper acknowledgement is given to the author and OKAGE. Educators agree to provide valid and accurate information to access any protected portions of the OKAGE website, including that with downloadable content.

Content Accuracy

Authors prepared educational information on the OKAGE website to meet specific educational standards, applicable at the time of creation. Links and other resources contained in curriculum and other educational material on the OKAGE website, were verified at the time of creation. However, the author and OKAGE staff do not guarantee the continued existence or accuracy of the links or other resources listed in curriculum and resources. Content authors and Educators who use the content are encouraged to verify all provided resources and to submit corrections to links and other resource references to the OKAGE office for updating of downloadable content. 


The following restrictions apply to all downloadable content:

·        Educators may not use downloadable content for commercial purposes.

·        Educators may not make modifications to downloadable content and represent it as work of the content author. 

·        Educators may not use downloadable content in a manner in which it is re-posted, framed, or mirrored on any other websites, regardless of educational use, but may store downloadable content on password-protected computer networks administered by the educator or the educator’s school or school system.


We welcome website user suggestions, ideas, comments, and other feedback using the OKAGE website Contact Us form.