The James M. Goodman Friend of Geography Award

Dr. James M. Goodman

Dr. James M. Goodman

This award was first conceived by members of the OKAGE Board of Directors in 2004. It is presented to a person, business, or organization whose vision, efforts, talents, and perseverance, sometimes in the face of daunting obstacles, have advanced the cause of geography education in Oklahoma.  

Shortly after the first recipient was selected, one of our founders and champions, Dr. Jim Goodman, lost his battle with cancer. The Board of Directors rechristened the honor to be named the James M. Goodman Friend of Geography Award. For more information about Goodman, click on this link to an article in the Journal of Geography:  James M. Goodman.

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Previous Award Recipients

2005  The Honorable Penny Williams, Oklahoma State Senate

2006  The Honorable Cal Hobson, Oklahoma State Senate

2007  Ed Pugh, Ph.D. (deceased), University of Central Oklahoma

2008  Lou Kerr, Advisory Committee, Oklahoma Geography Education Fund

2009  The Honorable Sandy Garrett, Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction

2010  T.H. Lee Williams, Ph.D, University of Oklahoma

2011  William "Bill" Amburn, OKAGE Teacher Consultant

2012  The Honorable Dan Boren, U.S. Congress

2012  The Honorable Tom Cole, U.S. Congress

2015  Topographic, Inc.

2015  R. Eugene Earsom, OKAGE Program Director